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1. All Things Gut

All Things GutHealth Connection Ballarat
00:00 / 34:50

One of my favourite parts of the body is The Gut.  This podcast welcomes the knowledgeable Hayley Lennon from about:

  • The organs of The Gut

  • How you can keep your Gut healthy

  • What may effect your Gut

  •  The important role The Gut plays in your body.


Please feel free to contact Hayley or myself if you require further advice relating to Your Gut Health.

2. Reducing the toxic chemical load within your home

Reducing ChemicalsHealth Connection Ballarat
00:00 / 24:56

Special thanks to Belinda Forsyth for her expert advice on reducing toxic chemicals within your home and discussing how damaging these chemicals can be to your body. Belinda gives some useful tips on how to reduce the toxic chemicals within your home and beauty products.

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