Top Tips for Staying Healthy Through Cancer

//Top Tips for Staying Healthy Through Cancer

Top Tips for Staying Healthy Through Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment is an extremely scary, stressful and anxious time. Your body is under a lot of pressure to maintain its function and plays an important role of trying to help you heal yourself.

When you start treatment for cancer your body goes into shock and often functions in overdrove. Your body is pumped full of chemical toxins that are essential in trying to fight the cancer. During this time your body is compromised in relation to your immune system and your general health and well being.

There are many things you can do to maintain optimal health and enhance your quality of life and well being.

1.Healthy eating

  • This includes consuming fresh vegetables and meat, bone broths, cold pressed juices (that include vegies and fruit) herbal teas and decreasing or eliminating caffeine consumption.
  • Enjoy smaller more frequent meals
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Be wary of supplements and what may interfere with your treatment

2.Mindfulness, Yoga or Meditation:

  • This helps you to be in a positive mind frame to you get through your day and treatment and to help decrease anxiety and stress.


  • Once chemo starts it significantly impacts on your bone and muscle density, so it is important to try and do some light weights and walking. This will help with lessening the inevitable muscle loss.

4.Getting adequate Vitamin D:

  • Whilst having treatment, cancer patients maybe limited with the time they spend outside. It is really important to get out in the sun and nature to help maintain Vitamin D levels, lift your mood and make you feel generally more energetic.

5.Take help that is offered: 

  • Anyone that wants to cook, clean or help you out during your treatment, take them up on their offer. Do not feel guilty. They wouldn’t have offered if they didn’t want to help and it is less stress on your body if you don’t have to do as many activities or organising.

6. Gentle Therapies:     

  • Gentle therapies such as Bowen Therapy, Neurolink, Lymphatic soft massage, Acupuncture and some other therapies are safe gentle and do not interfere with most chemotherapy and radiation.
  • It is important to let your health practitioner know everything that is happening with your body and treatment.

Health Connection Ballarat provides Neurolink and Bowen therapy which can help to reset the body into a slower and more relaxed sympathetic drive. It can also help relieve pain and tension by targeting the fascia of the body and reduce neural interference to help resolve many side effects created from cancer and the medical treatments.

This is Ivy who wanted to share her positive benefits from maintaining optimal health during her journey with cancer. In conjunction with her chemotherapy Ivy received treatments at Health Connection Ballarat. After having Neurolink and Bowen therapy Ivy and her parents noticed a significant reduction in pain in her body. The family noticed an increase in her energy levels and a more positive approach in her personality which resulted in reduced anxiety. During her treatment for cancer she suffered general muscle aches and pains particularly in her legs. Ivy also experienced slight anxiety and depression/flatness in her personality at different times during her treatment. These side effects where significantly reduced post Health Connection Ballarat’s therapies.

Thank you to Ivy and her family for allowing me to share their positive results from Health Connection Ballarat’s therapies and wish them all the best in their journey through remission.

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