Positive Impact Bowen and Neurolink can have on injuries ideally if treated early

//Positive Impact Bowen and Neurolink can have on injuries ideally if treated early

Positive Impact Bowen and Neurolink can have on injuries ideally if treated early

An injury can be debilitating. They always happen at the wrong time and always before an event that you are training for. There is a number of reasons for this,  you may be pushing your body to the limits to achieve optimal results, gain a personal best or maybe you are over training. Kids can easily injure themselves and of course never know how to rest.

The most important thing to do for any injury is rest for period of time after injury, elevate the limb (if applicable) some research suggests to use ice whilst others dispute this as a treatment. I will let you make your own decision on this and depending on where the injury is as to whether ice is the best choice.

Compression is definitely a great idea, either in the form of compression tights, bandage, strapping, stockings. When applying a bandage or compression strap start the bandage from the bottom of the limb and work you way up towards the heart. This encourages fluid to head to the heart for filtration rather than the end of your limb where it will sit post the bandaging causing increased pain and slower recovery.

Analgesia is best in the form of increasing your magnesium intake, elevation of the are above the heart, paracetamol, treatments by a specialised therapist, rest with gentle movements or light weight bearing, compression, hydration with water and some people choose to use essential oils. Chamomile to help reduce inflammation, Lavender and Eucalyptus for pain relief. Melaleuca, Rosemary and Lemongrass to help with the healing process. All of these should be added to a carrier oil can be applied topically with a roller ball.

My therapies can significantly reduce swelling and pain this is why and how!


This involves correcting the neural pathways that are broken or have been disconnected. With any injury there is often minor tears in a muscle, tendon or ligament. This trauma and impact causes disruption to the Neural pathways from the injured sight to the spine or brain. A way if correcting these is via Neurolink which will help decrease pain, increase healing and help regain normal movements. The Neurolink technique involves doing muscle testing and then if there is  a weakness to correct these neural pathways.


This therapy involves making precise movements over the area effected and other parts of the body to help create change within the fascia, increase blood flow and provide a state of relaxation.

Both these therapies combined have helped me provide my patients with decreased swelling to the effected area, decreased pain and aided in a quicker recovery and return to work or sport of your choice faster than normal recovery.

The picture provide insight into the treatment I provided to a 7 year old boy who sprained his knee on the trampoline and had significant pain, swelling and inability to weight bear. Post treatment within 2 hours his swelling had reduced and his knee cap became visible, his reliance on analgesia was significantly reduced, he slept through the night.

I have also had a runner training for a Marathon who was struggling to walk small distances post a run without his knee causing him significant pain.  After his initial treatment he was able to run 30 kms with about 3 episodes of minimal knee pain during the run and no pain post run whilst walking.

These therapies are also great for maintenance and to help reduce the need for regular massage during and post the lead up to an event.

I have suffered many an injury over time and have found my body to be in the best shape it has been for an event since I have been having these treatments.


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