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Reducing the toxic Chemical load within your home

Special thanks to Belinda Forsyth https://belindaforsyth.com/

for her expert advice on reducing toxic chemicals within your home and discussing how damaging these chemicals can be to your body. Belinda gives some useful tips on how to reduce the toxic chemicals within your home and beauty products.

Chemical Cleaning Products in Households

Maintaining Optimal Health in the First Year after Birth of a new Baby

Special thanks to Annabel Mason from Blossom Well Being https://blossomwellbeing.com.au/ 

discussing how to obtain or maintain optimal health within the first year of a baby’s life. As a mother you always put yourself last and your baby first. To be the best mother and provide well for your family you must remember to take some time for yourself. Annabel gives Mother’s some great tips on how to do this.

Maintaining Optimal Health in the First Year after Birth of a new Baby

All Things Gut

One of my favourite parts of the body is The Gut.  This podcast welcomes the knowledgeable Hayley Lennon from www.thehealthacademy.com.au about:

  • The organs of The Gut
  • How you can keep your Gut healthy
  • What may effect your Gut
  •  The important role The Gut plays in your body.

Please feel free to contact Hayley or myself if you require further advice relating to Your Gut Health.

All Things Gut Podcast

Busy Mum’s

This is many of us and this podcast helps you as a busy mum understand what happens when the female endocrine system is put under strain and constant demand for a period of time.  You will get some great tips to help you keep calm and maintain optimal health whilst being a busy mum.

Busy Mum’s Podcast

All Things Yoga

I have the lovely Tracey Hargreaves from Absolute Yoga and Pilates.

We discuss:
What is yoga? The different types of yoga?  The benefits yoga can bring to your life.

Check out Tracey’s website at https://absoluteyoga.com.au/ or head on down to her studio and give yoga a try.

Yoga has definitely enhanced my life and helps me grow and develop as a holistic health practitioner.

Happy listening!

Yoga Podcast

Allergies and Intolerances

Health Connection Ballarat has launched its first Podcast!

What is an allergy? What is an intolerance? The differences between allergies and intolerances and how you can manage these.

Hope this provides some insight and understanding of these topics.

Please contact Alison Palmer to find out how the therapies at Health Connection may help you or a family member.

Thanks for listening.



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