Our Team

Alison Palmer

  • Masters in Neural Integration System

  • Module A & B in Neural Integration System

  • Cranialsacral  1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Certificate IV Bowen Therapy

  • Kids Alive CPR Founder

  • Post Graduate Studies in Primary Health Care/ Health Promotion

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing

  • Bachelor of Nursing

Alison is a Registered Nurse with experience working in Emergency Departments in Ballarat, Melbourne and London. She is the Founder of Health Connection Ballarat and a qualified NIS, Craniosacral and Bowen Therapy practitioner.  


Mother to three adventurous and extremely energetic children, Alison has had first-hand experience with children experiencing intolerances. Alison’s youngest child experienced significant health challenges. Through watching him suffer anaphylaxis, severe eczema and various other ailments, Alison discovered NIS, Craniosacral and Bowen Therapy to help alleviate his conditions.


The outcomes NIS, Craniosacral and Bowen Therapy provided Alison’s youngest son included improvements to his skin (now being predominately free of eczema), improved sleep patterns, decreased asthma symptoms, increased motor and cognitive function and a decrease in irritation caused by the symptoms he previously experienced.


A Ballarat local, Alison has connection with the Ballarat community and passion for influencing the health of young individuals and families. Alison’s special interests are hormones, gut health, paediatrics, allergies and the neuroscience behind the brain. 


 Through her passion Alison hopes to deliver an alternative form of therapy that will be empowering and positive.

New team members soon


Currently Alison is in the process of working with 2 other registered nurses who are keen to undertake the certification in NIS.

The current global circumstances are having significant impact on these courses being scheduled.  We will welcome new qualified practitioners when training has been completed.

  • Foundation in Neural Integration System

  • Registered Nurse