Easy Porridge or Easy Bircher Muesli

//Easy Porridge or Easy Bircher Muesli

Easy Porridge or Easy Bircher Muesli

Porridge Ingredient’s:

50 grams of Dad’s oats

1/2 tsp black chia seeds

120 mls of water

120 mls of milk your choice I use rice milk

Toppings fresh fruit and nuts, seeds of your choice.

I love raspberries, strawberries, banana, pear, pepitas and cashews

  • double or triple the ingredients according to how many people are eating it!!!



  • Time 11 minutes
  • Temp 75
  • Speed 2 use reverse blade

Tip clean the Thermomix bowl as soon as you have served prevents it from being sticky and doing lots of extra scrubbing.

You can also prepare it in the bowl the night before to leave it soak.


Bircher Muesli

50 grams Dad’s oats

1 tsp black chia seeds

1 tbsp of sunflower kernels

80 mls milk your choice (rice, almond, coconut)



  1. Put all ingredients in bowl the night before.
  2. Place in fridge with glad wrap over the top
  3. In morning remove from fridge and sit on bench for 30 minutes
  4. Top with fruit, nuts and seeds.
  5. I love raspberries, banana, pear, pepitas and strawberries



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